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R.E.D. Design & Interiors

We Have an Eye for

All Things Beautiful

Interior design is the art of giving people a breathtaking visual experience combined with a sense of comfort and harmony.


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Dedicated to Your Great Vision

R.E.D. Design in San Francisco, California is a full-service interior design firm that caters to both residential and commercial clients. Since we started our business in 2015, we have enjoyed perfecting the working relationship between client and designer with a deeper understanding of not only what our clients want, but what they need

Getting to know each other creates an enjoyable working environment and serves to create extraordinarily unique results. We cherish our reputation for avant-garde design concepts that enhance classic, traditional style with an exotic twist. 

 We can't wait to work with you.


Rashad Eid is an Interior Architect with exceptional design instinct for both commercial and residential spaces. Attuned to the importance of materiality, lighting, and overall composition, he listens closely  to the needs of clients and collaborates on a creative vision. He brings a diverse knowledge base on design styles and techniques.

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